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  • At Khapri Naka NH 7 - Marker Event on 7th April, World Health Day – Surakshit Samaj Project,
  • At YMCA Mott Hostel New Wing - Workshop on HIV & Law and Dalit & Human Rights in collaboration with HRLN on 20th – 21st April 2007
  • At YMCA Robertson Branch - Table Tennis Coaching – 1st May - 30th June 2007 from 4:00 – 8:00 pm & Badminton Coaching from 23rd April – 23rd June 2007 from 8:30 am – 10:30 am; 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Family Club Day on 19th May 2007; Founder’s Day Celebration on June 6, 2007
  • Security Services and Traffic Training – June End
  • At Social Education Centre, Gaddigodam - Summer Vacation Courses from 16th – 16th June 2007; Also admissions open for 1) Pre-nursery and K. G. in English/Hindi; 2) Electronics; 3) Electrical and Motor Winding; 4) Beauty Culture; 5) Tailoring; 6) Welding Works ; 7) Screen Printing
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FOR ANY QUESTIONS ON HIV/AIDS, SEX , SEXUAL ORIENTATION – CALL 0712-6418121 or e-mail:    info@ymcanagpur.org
  • YMCA Road Named :
The road heading from YMCA Swagat Lawns towards Zero Mile was named as YMCA Road on 13th September 2006. In recognition of YMCA’s community services, the NMC had organized the road naming ceremony. The Chief Guest Mr. Naresh Gawande, Honorable Mayor, NMC inaugurated the road by unveiling the stone and said that in our multi religious city, he is proud to have the road named to recognize the laudable community work by the YMCA over the past 111 years. Nagpur is hailed as cleanest and greenest city in Maharashtra and will soon be in the top five cities of the country, given the proposed development plans. He further welcomed the international visitors present on the occasion and also praised the efforts of Mr. Kishor Jichkar, Corporator, Civil Lines, for organizing the event.

Other dignitaries who graced the occasion were Mr. T. Thomas, Nation General Secretary, YMCA, Wumi Onadipe, International Program Director, Kate Ganon Program Coordinator, Y-Care International, London, Anna Hakobyan, Y-Care, Mr. Carlos Sanvee, World Alliance, Geneva, Mark Harrod, Executive Director for Health and Community Partnership, London Central YMCA. General Secretaries of YMCAs of Jamshedpur, Patna and Mangalore were prominently present. Mr. J P Fernandes, General Secretary YMCA Nagpur, compered the programme, while Rev. Sharad Sontakkey, President, YMCA offered prayers and welcomed the guests. The YMCA Board of Directors, Staff members and NMC representatives witnessed the event in a modest gathering.
  • Y Care Network Meeting :
The 5th National HIV/AIDS Network Meeting was held from 11th – 15th September 2006 at Nagpur YMCA Mott Hostel New Wing. Mr. Carlos Sanvee, Executive Secretary, World Alliance, Geneva, Ms. Wumi Onadipe, International Programme Director, YCI, Ms. Kate Gannon, Programme Co-ordinator, Asia and Middle East, YCI, Ms. Anna Hakobyan, Knowledge Management Project Manager, YCI, , Mr. Mark Harrod, Executive Director, Health and Community Partnerships, Central YMCA, London, Mr. T. Thomas, National General Secretary, NCYI, New Delhi, Dr. M. L. Sharma, Former Chief Executive, Family Planning Association of India (External Consultant), Mr. Anand Sahu, General Secretary, Jamshedpur YMCA, Mr. Ashley Harris, General Secretary, Mangalore YMCA, Mr. Christopher Bachmann, General Secretary, Patna YMCA, Mr. John P. Fernandes, HIV/AIDS Network Coordinator for India, Y-Care International & NCYI & General Secretary, Nagpur YMCA were among those who were delegates for the meeting.

The outcome of the meeting was the decision to expand and consolidate the HIV network in India., to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS through interested and committed YMCAs with collective decision making and mobilization of resources at local, national, international levels, to increase the strength of the membership from 4 to 20 in the next five years, to reach out to 1 million youth by building the capacity of its members in terms of programme planning and its implementation by setting up the required Task Force, Standing Committee in consonance with the National Council policies.
  • Youth workers network heads to India with Y Care International:
Y Care International’s Youth Workers Network visited the YMCA of Nagpur from 9-14th January. The team shadowed the HIV/AIDS projects of Nagpur YMCA who is a partner of Y Care International. The team consisted of Matthew Jackson, Director of Campaigns and Global Youth Work; Stuart Mullan, Board member and Chair of Campaigns and Global Youth Work Committee; Andrea Battye, Barnsley YMCA; Iva Burton, Kingston and Wimbledon YMCA; Theresa McGardle, Blackburn YMCA, Martina Munnelly, YMCA Ireland; Mike O’Donovan, Newport YMCA and Hannah Robinson, Woking YMCA.

Matthew Jackson, who organized the delegation said: “We want to learn from the YMCA’s work in India and share experiences amongst ourselves and the people we meet. We hope to develop our skills so that we can use these experiences when we get home, and use global youth work to share them with the young people we work with.”

Y Care International’s global youth work is informal education that draws on young people's everyday experiences and influences on their lives, and merges the global and the local. Read their blog at http://ywn-india-delegation.blogspot.com  
  • "Political power, will needed for Vidarbha" - Sunday - March 18, 2007, Nagpur. The Hitavada, CityLine
"Political power and will is necessary for the creation of separate state of Vidarbha." said noted economist Dr. Shriniwas Khandewale. He was speaking at the M. G. Dharmaraj Symposium on "Vidarbha State - Is it economically viable?" organized by YMCA Nagpur, at Swagat Lawns, Civil Lines on Saturday evening.

Giving a new dimension to the burning issue, Dr. Khandewala said that the question is not of viability of Vidarbha but whether Maharashtra is viable without Vidarbha. He said that Vidarbha had been a rich and prosperous region since time immemorial. Drawing from historical records, he said that when Shivaji raided Karanja in Vidarbha, he collected huge wealth which he could not accumulate even during raids on cities like Surat, said Dr. Khandewale. "Now they say that Vidarbha is backward and does not contribute to the revenue of the state in proportion to its population,", said the noted economist. Unless we increase economic activity in the region, how do we expect Vidarbha to make a significant tax contribution, he wondered. He said that even Dr. Ambedkar favoured formation of four states in Maharashtra.

Expressing his views on the subject, Executive Editor of The Hitavada, Alok Tiwari said that the backwardness of Vidarbha fetches a lot of development fund from the centre, but the same does not flow here. "It is a great milch cow for Maharashtra," he said.

Tiwari said that we are being governed by those who do not understand us. The demand for Vidarbha should not be framed in terms of economic viability but in terms of freedom, as it is the greatest value. "Let us not reduce the aspirations of the people of Vidarbha into accounting problem," said Tiwari stressing on the need for the creation of of separate state of Vidarbha. He said that there is a tremendous potential for tourism in the region which remains unexplored. Tiwari brushed aside suggestions that the same leaders from Vidarbha that are enjoying power in the state would rule Vidarbha saying that new leadership will replace the old one. At present, we have leaders who are submissive to the state of centre. "Even to nurture independent leadership, one requires a structure", he said. If we are a burden on Maharashtra, then why don't they leave us alone, posed Tiwari.

Speaking on the occasion, former DGP (Housing), Maharashtra State, P. K. B. Chakraborty said that geography and not economics had been the basis for formation of any state. Vidarbha is rich in all the basic natural resources. Dr. Sneha Deshpande and President of YMCA, Rev. Sharad Sontakke also spoke on the occasion. Managing Director, Vidarbha Publishers, Jagmohan Sethi was the symposium moderator. While C. Dinkar, coordinator, proposed a vote of thanks, J. P. Fernandes, General Secretary, YMCA gave the opening address.
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©  2007-08 www.ymcanagpur.org, All Rights Reserved, Nagpur. Services Provided by : NagpurTrade.Com